Having Safety at the Workplace

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Education is at the core of Sterling First Aid CPR. We believe our First Aid CPR Training can help save many lives in critical situations.

When you need Adult And Pediatric CPR/AED in Duncanville, Texas, you need a provider that you can trust. We offer different courses and certification programs including OSHA Certification in Duncanville, Texas. Making the workplace safe is everyone’s priority. Both employers and employees have a role to play.

a. Be aware of your environment.

The best way to stay out of danger is to understand what dangers are inherent in your workplace. Every situation is different – office, warehouse, or offsite. With different environment comes different risks and the right preventive measures must be adapted.

b. Stick to the process and avoid shortcuts.

Work procedures are established for productivity and safety. While the principles of continuous improvement still apply, intended shortcuts to procedures simply to reduce time or effort may not be safe at all. When processes are missed, the stations following them may not be able to function correctly.

c. Know and practice safety procedures.

Safety information is available for consumption. However, this knowledge should be applied as much as possible. Knowing the proper protective equipment and persistently using them is important. A mastery of the building to note the emergency exits is critical in emergencies.

Stop waiting and get your Adult First Aid CPR/AED-BL in Texas today.

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