Labor First Aid: What You Can Do to Help

Whether you and your spouse are getting ready for a baby or you’re a cashier at a grocery store, having adult and pediatric CPR/AED in Duncanville, Texas, is an invaluable skill. If your wife or a customer suddenly goes into labor, you will have to know how to respond.

Sterling First Aid CPR is here to give you a few tips on how you can ensure the safety of pregnant moms and their incoming babies:

1. Keep calm and call your doctor. If you’re not acquainted with the person in labor, ask if there are doctors in the room who can help.

2. Make sure that the patient is in a comfortable position. Make sure to remove any restrictive clothing that the patient may have on.

3. At home, prepare some clean cloth or towels and warm water.

4. If you see the baby’s head crowning, don’t apply pressure on it. Simply let the child’s head move with each contraction.

5. As soon as the baby comes out, dry it thoroughly with the towels. Don’t pull on the umbilical cord as this may cause bleeding and complications.

Yes, it sounds overwhelming. Bringing a new life into the world is no small thing. That’s why adult first aid CPR/AED-BL in Texas is something everyone should look into getting.

If you’re interested in First Aid CPR Training, you know who to call. Let’s get in touch.

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